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Provider of:

§ Mineral characterization services to the exploration and mining industries

§ Mineral-Spectral Services is a CSIRO authorised sales affiliate for TSG software

§ Delivering integrated, mineral physico-chemical characterization solutions for application across the mining value chain

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The Spectral Geologist
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Industry standard software for the VIS-NIR-SWIR-MIR-TIR mineralogical analysis of powders, rock samples chips and drill core


Martin Wells has 24+ years of experience working within the mineral sector, with a strong focus on research applications to iron ore, lateritic nickel(-cobalt) deposits and, more recently, in energy metal, Li- and V-ore systems. As lead researcher of numerous applied research projects, previously through CSIRO and more recently at the John de Laeter Center, Martin maintains a close relationship with these institutions where he has developed extensive expertise in delivering integrated, geometallurgical research solutions by application of a range of advanced, analytical techniques, including:

              •X-ray diffraction analysis

              •Electron-microscopy based techniques (EPMA, SEM-EDS, CL imaging)

              •Spectral techniques (Raman and reflectance spectroscopy, such as HyLogging)

              •Geochronological analysis (U-Pb and U-Th/He-dating)

              •Thermal analysis (TGA-DTA)

Now, as Principal of Mineral-Spectral Services, Martin is applying his mineralogy expertise and skills in a consultative role to private industry, delivering tailored, mineral characterization solutions for application across the mining value chain.

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Contact us

Perth Address:

46 Wilson St., Bassendean

WA, 6054, Australia

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 pm

(Australian Western Standard Time - AWST)


Internationally: +61 437-306-914

Nationally: 0437 306 914

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